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Written on Tuesday, February 12th, 2008 at 6:05 pm by Mr. Organic

Scott Smith the founder of Dynamic NutraceuticalsDynamic Nutraceuticals is a company of people committed in producing the most potent products for improving the health of the global community. A member of the organic movement since 1985 Scott Smith the founder has his masters certificate for over 18 years of organic farming. “It’s so exciting to see our customers benefiting from 2 years of development in Dyna-Green”.

Dynamic Nutraceuticals is committed to producing shelf-stable sprout products that are as close to the original raw ingredient as possible. Our products are processed and dried without heat to maintain the activity of the plant’s enzymes – they are live foods with all the benefits that implies.

Our product Dyna-Green is one of the only cereal grass juices that is freeze-dried. Dyna-green is loaded with live Enzymes and live protein not commonly available in our diets. The natural enzymes are super Anti-oxidents which give us sustained vitality. Dyna-green is easy to mix with a much smoother Flavor than wheat grass juice consumed at the juice bar. Wheat grass juice is very effective in improving the immune system, building the blood, boosting Energy and sex drive. Wheat grass is also great for ph balancing making it harder for disease to occur to our health. Click Here to Learn More about Dyna-Green.

We began a research program in the early 90’s to develop a method of growing sprouts that would result in much lower levels of bacteria in the product than was available from fresh sprouts sold at the time. Our goal was to develop a product clean enough to be dried without the normal high temperature treatment used to kill bacteria in other dried sprout products. Because high temperatures are not needed to control bacteria growth, our process can be kept cold enough so that enzymes are not denatured during the drying process – most of these enzymes are still in an active state and are still capable of catalyzing cellular reactions after being reconstituted. Click Here to Learn More about Dried-Sprouts.

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