Freeze Dried compared to Fresh Wheatgrass Juice

Written on Monday, September 26th, 2005 at 11:14 am by Mr. Organic
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Most people think that fresh wheatgrass juice is better than a dried powder; here is some information that can help to make a comparison.

When wheatgrass is grown in trays and harvested at 6-8 inches tall, the grass is just out of its embryonic stage and has not had a chance for cell development. That is why it is so sweet, the sugars have not been able to build into a full spectrum of enzymes yet, the wheatgrass that Dyna-Green is made from are field grown true juveniles.

This means the plant has had time to draw the nutrients from the soil and convert everything into a strong infrastructure. Think about the difference of the immune system of an infant and young adult, the adult system is stronger because it has been challenged and is more developed. The same principal applies to the wheatgrass. Also because the plant cells have had more time to divide, the cell stress repair system is fully active. This is the system that repairs the damaged plant cell during the growth to keep it healthy and strong. These repair proteins are universal between plants and animals.

We harvest the grass right before the plant is ready to produce its seeds. All the protein that would go into the seeds is still in the leaf. The plants are at their highest life force.

The grass is washed and juiced and quickly freeze-dried to ensure all the vitamins minerals and enzymes are best preserved. Freeze-drying is a way to virtually suspend
the product in animation until it is reconstituted. There is not a mold issue with field grown wheatgrass unlike the crops grown in trays.

  • Dyna-Green is more convenient because it is an instant powder so you don’t have to deal With the juicing mess and hassle.
  • Dyna-Green is easier to take long term so it will provide a better benefit as apposed to a short term home use or an occasional shot at the juice bar.
  • Dyna-Green will not cause uncomfortable side effects like upset stomach and headaches like fresh juice will.

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